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UniCa Update March

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UniCa Update March

Unica Update 3

Hi everyone! Welcome back to the monthly Unica update of Unica Sailing Team run for the Sumoth Challenge.

In this last month we had a lot of progress in how work is going, many things progressed and we even welcomed new members in our crew, making our team bigger and better, and gaining more talented people willing to join us for the ride.

The construction and maintenance department completed setting up for the construction site with the final touches and all the gear; after that they finished sanding the molds they created.

 The sensor department is trying to implement an on-board navigation system and, since now a good part of the boat’s pieces are completed, they started to test the application of the sensors before the boat’s assembling. 

The design department finished working on the wings (CAD of the boat, geometries of internal and external parts), they already chose the materials for the boat’s supports, one of the most important parts that required extra time for testing and calculations. Then the team determined the composition of the material for the hull through three-point bending failure tests on several variants with different compositions.

This whole process took a few weeks to be done and the department worked tirelessly to finish it and keep up to the work schedule with the other departments, to not risk slowing down the rest of the construction crew.

From the CFD (fluid dynamics simulation) department it has been put together the simulation model for the hull (part in the air) and the simulation in the water phase for the main foil and rudder is being put together as we are writing this text.

The Marketing department is carrying forward a really effective campaign for sponsors, that combined with the social media department’s work, has brought new sponsors to our cause.

Another milestone we’re achieving is bringing in the project as sponsors, several local companies, interested in the competition and more importantly in the eco-sustenability part of the Challenge, and we take particular pride in this.

Another great part of the marketing department’s work is creating the code of ethics and developing a very thorough and detailed  business plan for the upcoming future of the team.

As always, while the work and the training carries on, we encourage you to stay tuned for the upcoming news, 

So that’s it for this Unica update, see all of you next month.



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