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UniCa Update April

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UniCa Update #4

UniCa Update April

Hi everybody! Here we are once again for our monthly UniCa Update on the boat’s shipyard.

So let’s talk about “Mariposa”; this is the name chosen with a survey on our social networks, a name that means “Butterfly” in Sardinian.

As we already told you last time, we chose the material for the build of the hull, but in the meantime we even decided how to complete the wings part so let’s get into it.

After many tests, trying and using different composite materials, our choice was flax fiber. This material  proved to be the best choice for its strength under stress and, of course, meets the need to build the boat with green materials. For the wing we considered various materials but In this case, precisely because of the different stresses to which the wings are subjected compared to the hull, the choice fell on a different material, so it was decided (also because of the use of all three Rs, in this case, Recycle) to use carbon masts that will be recycled and repurposed for this use, and for this reason our wings will not be completely rigid.

Finite Element Method (FEM) was fundamental in the design because it allowed us to analyze the pressure forces and stresses to which the components are subjected during operation and understand what the behavior will be  on the racefield.

For the sensors part, the work has now entered the heart of the matter.The group is working on a system that, among other things, will collect data to ensure a better FEM next year. So right now work is proceeding with the processing of the components shells and related stress tests to ensure that everything is calibrated and sized so that once the sensors are installed, they can operate without interference or false measurements. But for them,  the peak of the work with tests and installment is about to begin, as right now we are working on the hull and deck lamination.

From there we’ll proceed assembling internal and external parts, to be followed by all the rigging with blocks, sheets and ropes.

Our work in communication has been rewarded with new sponsors that came onboard and to our utmost surprise, we had the opportunity to participate in a TV show and explain our project on Italian national television.

That’s a wrap for now, let’s catch on next month for the next UniCa Update, see you all.


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