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UniCa Update #2

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UniCa Update #2

UniCa Update #2 – University Conference

Welcome to our new UniCa Update, our appointment to keep you posted with everything’s new.

It seems only a few days have passed by but we’re already in February. Our team is fueled by the desire to push the boundaries of sailing technology and elevate our skills in the sport. As the S1 phase goes on, our team is keeping up the work through studies and trials towards the hull construction. Right now we have discarded a few materials for the hull and reviewed some of our calculations at the expense of our first tries that didn’t pass the mechanics tests, cracking under pressure. 

In the next room the mechatronic team is brainstorming the way to enclose in our project a serie of controls and automations but we’re still trying to figure out exactly weights and dimensions while we keep options open to adjust the placement when the hull will be in a more advanced state of making.

In the meantime, our newborn team is trying to learn and capture the experience from those who already are professionals in the matter. Recently we had an amazing experience and the privilege of hosting Andrea Zugna for a conference where he generously shared his wealth of experience in sailing and boat design. Zugna’s insights, gained through years of dedication to the sport, provided us with a unique perspective and a wealth of knowledge to draw upon.

During the conference, Zugna delved into his personal history as a passionate sailor first, and a driven engineer after, he shared many aspects of the work in boat designing and has been so kind to answer all of our questions during an interview.

Zugna’s willingness to engage with our team, answering questions and offering advice, fostered a collaborative atmosphere. His openness to sharing both successes and challenges reinforced the idea that the journey of innovation is a continuous learning process. 

This collaboration with external experts exemplifies the UniCa Sailing Team’s commitment to excellence and continuous improvement.

As we progress with the construction of the Moth, we recognize the importance of building a network of support and knowledge-sharing within the sailing community. Andrea Zugna’s contribution has been a catalyst for growth, reinforcing the significance of seeking guidance from experienced individuals in our pursuit of excellence.

UniCa Sailing Team remains driven and focused on the path toward the Sumoth Challenge.

Let’s see everyone for the next chapter of our Unica update, in the meantime please follow our network to stay connected with our activities.

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