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UniCa Update #1

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UniCa Update #1

UniCa Update #1

Welcome to our new UniCa Update, our appointment to keep you posted with everything’s new.

UniCa Update #1

Dear friends and supporters of the Unica Sailing Team, happy 2024!

We are thrilled to start this new year pursuing the goal toward the Sumoth Challenge.

After becoming officially challengers in December last year, we took a little break for Christmas and then started the huge amount of work that’s ahead of ourselves.

One of the first challenges we faced was task assignment within the team, which took us a few weeks to be mastered. 

We tried to follow and evaluate everyone’s particular skill set and focused on honing our individual and collective skills, blending all together to make the communication between teams fluid and regular.

We got everything covered from logistical coordination to race strategy, from social media who’s handling this very text you’re reading, to the marketing team and all the crew of the various building departments that we’re going to introduce to you with next updates.

The studies to find the right material for the hull have already begun and the team is evaluating various choices for eco-friendly materials that can handle the amount of stress the boat will run into during tests first and races after.

On the other side the design team is going through an intense series of measurement, brainstorming, 3d scanning to decide geometries and shapes for the hull. Of course another important part of the work is studying the best match for the foil we will have to choose to ensure a good flight phase, reducing drag and having a great cruise speed.

In the meantime, the mechatronic team is going full “mad scientists” mode, thinking of everything we could use to improve navigation and boat’s performance, but of course we will have to decide which projects we’ll pursue, considering weight, dimensions and comfort to use during a race. We do hope though to have the chance to develop all of the great ideas the team is literally putting on the table, and of course our thoughts are already set to the future and the future years of this competition, counting to have on our side the experience of this year to create and develop better then now.

We don’t forget for a second that this race will have an impact on the future of the team that we hope to see grow in numbers and become a consolidated reality in the field.

See you soon on the water!

The Unica Sailing Team

@foilingsumoth @wearefoilingweek 

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